Generation: Immigrant

Clade:0-G Biomechanics Specialist (NPC)


Geneline: Aesclepius 1

*Relevant Experience 3

* None relevant

* 1 Item at 1

MRCZ: SOjurners

*Dr Krauss, scientist veteran of the Mars rebellion
*Jank Caster of SOjurners
*Caecilia of X-Altar
*Kotoru Ueston of X-Altar 

Long-Term Memories:
* Dr Krauss and the Martian Rebels are my idols
* Caecilia is the only other person who escaped from the Saturn Orbiter intact (with all long and short term memories in place)
* Jank Caster of the SOjurners impressed on me the need for combat mobs

Short-Term Memories
* Kotoru Ueston makes some damn fine Ninja stars!

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