Tier 4Edit


We know what’s cool. We know what’s hot. You don’t know anything until the Moderns do.


Seekers of the new and cool, they prowl the phases of FreeMarket looking for new technology, new fashions, new MRCZs and new mobs that catch their fancies. After locating something unique or interesting, they blog their findings and spread the news to other MRCZs. Through their cool-hunting work, Panther Moderns are always the first to find the latest, biggest thing and their memes have fostered many pop culture revolutions on FreeMarket. Their taste is discerning and their picks almost always gain flow boots, so much so that other MRCZs seek out the too-cool-for-school Moderns and ply them with gifts or favors in order to receive a bump in popularity.


Thin slicing, trends, neophilia


Negotiation, data, ad space