Generation:1st Gen

Clade:The Puppet Maker


Geneline: Geppetto 1

Experiences: Recycling 2 Thin Slicking 2

Interface: Profile Analyzer 1

Tech: Puppetcraft Gloves 1

Puppetcraft Printer 1

ButlerBotBernie 1

MRCZ: L'Enfant Couture

Friends: Sergei G@j@

Long-Term Memories: The scent of oranges in my garden on earth during sunrise. My grandson breaking the first puppet I built him after his 9th birthday and the look of sadness in his eyes.

Short-Term Memories: The hip-hop teddy bear parade through the streets of Freemarket as I made my way to the new MRCZ location and the emergent behavior of my creations rapping old memes to on-lookers.

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