Tier 6Edit


Provide discrete intelligence gathering and negotiation services to MRCZs throughout FreeMarket.


Founded by one of the Originals, the Henneman/Kartis Intelligence Group (HKIG) is comprised of arbitrators, information brokers and fixers who embrace a semi-aquatic existence. Although this MRCZ is open to users who do not subscribe to this lifestyle, the highest rated members all submit to these modifications. They are mobbed into massive humanoids inspired by beluga whales. Some of the HKIG are now beyond aquatic existence, preferring to live and work in zero-g pods.

HKIG members typically float in large vats of liquid, insulating themselves from the physical world and rendering them difficult to flood or bleed. As a result, they maintain a degree of confidentiality that is unheard of on FreeMarket. Only on rare occasions do they meet clients in person, preferring remote communication for business transactions. Their support staff, security sweeps and anti-breaking countermeasures ensure a high level of security against hackers, ghosts and wetworkers.


Negotiation, discretion, blobbie


Mobbing, data, security


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